AnnaTeiko Designs is a contemporary clothing line that fuses the eccentric pattern of West Africa with the contemporary flair of American culture. The line is known for its use of rich, vibrant fabrics and the highest level of hand-sewn quality.


Anna aims to bring the rich and colorful regalia of the African culture into the western world by exposing this generation to comfortable and modernized African print at an affordable price. She and her mum have been sewing together for over 30 years with the lasting theme of creating looks and timeless pieces that is not just for Africans in the diaspora, but for everyone who adores color and dresses to be unique and bold.

Our Approach

Most pieces are hand-sewn right here in the USA, while others are made back home, in Ghana. Each custom piece designed in Ghana creates training and employment opportunities for at least fifteen young women in the country. By purchasing an item of clothing from AnnaTeiko designs, seamstresses and designers in Ghana also reap the benefits.
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